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About Us

In order to show you the entirety of the universe that revolves in, it’s necessary that we first tell you of two earlier Big Bangs that happened before this—one local and pretty much a slow burn; the other blinding and nothing less than interstellar.

The first one happened in 2018 with the launch of, created as the go-to men’s lifestyle portal from the Philippines featuring the hottest, sexiest women and all the best guy stuff. AO meant All Out and AO is the direct descendant of VMX. VMX is still what AO was before, only much more evolved. And we’re still going all out on everything!

The second happened two years later in 2020 with the coming of VIVAMAX, a video streaming platform also based in the Philippines that in the space of barely a year became the no.1 streaming channel in the country. Now it’s going head to head with the big boys and continues to pile in the subscribers with, among other engaging content, an intoxicating lineup of risque films featuring the hottest new actresses in the country.

One company created both AO and Vivamax: Viva Communications Inc. Viva has been in the Philippine entertainment business for four decades now, with a stake in practically every aspect of it—movies, music, TV, talents, name it—that it is often credited as being a key architect of the very industry it operates in. With Viva’s entry into the digital sphere, it has committed itself to the future.

Now this is where the nuclear fusion comes in.

Where one of AO’s original missions was to launch Viva’s newest hot new actress to prep them for stardom in a movie, and with Vivamax guaranteeing them a platform with which to launch their stardom, so the evolution of to is to FUSE to the MOTHERSHIP that is Vivamax to take hot content to vast uncharted territory.

You can also say we created parallel universes here. While Vivamax is where you can see all of Viva’s hottest stars in action, is where you can engage with them more EXCLUSIVELY and INTIMATELY. Explore the site to experience exactly what we mean.

Of course, we haven’t forgotten to include all the other guy stuff that should interest you—we are still a men’s lifestyle portal, after all—but now you’re in for a much more exciting time with ALL the beautiful women of Vivamax joining you.

All this space talk must sound like a trip to you. Because it is. You’re in for a rocket ride here on! Explore our universe!