1. Reaver Phantom/Vandal

Now that the Reaver 2.0 has been released, fans of this skin line have been rejoicing! Both Reaver Vandal and Phantom have such nice spray and kill sounds that it could take you on top of the scoreboard. The variants of this skin-line are also topnotch—walang tapon! Kaya kung naka Depths Vandal ka parin, maawa ka sa sarili mo. Eto na yung sign para mag-upgrade!

2. Prime Vandal

I'm talking about the first Prime skin line here, because the 2.0 is kind of a mixed bag. But hey if the Prime Phantom works for you, then by all means use it. But we really got to say, where the Prime really shines is on the Vandal. This gun has a very noisy default sound that can actually grief you in game. However, with the Prime equipped, the noise is a bit suppressed; giving you a satisfying, almost futuristic gunfire sound! Matic pupulitin after ng round.

3. Oni Phantom a.k.a The Sinatra Phantom

Years later, The Oni Phantom still prevails! You don't really need a gun sound in the Oni, because the default phantom sound is already great. What matters is its overall look, kill sound and its finisher; thankfully Oni has it all! If you're a fan of the Japanese aesthetic (and why wouldn't you be?), this is a must-cop skin for you!

4. Ion Operator/Sheriff

If you're always peeking in B long of Bind or Pearl, there's no better way to do it with the slickest, Ion operator skin! Almost every Jett and Chamber mains have this equipped, and we definitely understand why. Parang ang gaan kasi ng OP kapag naka Ion! While the Ion is a great skin line, additional variants would come a long way (*cough ION 2.0 riot baka naman *cough).

5. Xenohunter Knife

Yes, calm down. We know there are a lot better, more flashy melee skins in the game, but hear us out on this! The Xenohunter knife is a simple skin with a great pull-up and inspect animation. We mean, what more could you ask for? Because last time we checked, this knife offers a less-distracting gaming experience. But who knows, maybe it's just the CSGO player in us who have so much love for simpler knives like the M9 Bayonet.