1. "Beer" Pong

Sadly, we couldn't bring in alcohol to the events area because there will be some kiddos who might tag along but even though we're not intoxicated, you guys can still show off your "Beer" Pong skills at our booth. You'll get two tries to sink in a ping pong ball into our party cup to possibly win some awesome VMX Merch!

Prizes: VMX Keychains, VMX The Magazine, VMX Posters, AOTheMagazine SIGNED COPIES

2. VMX Shoot Out

We brought in a basketball arcade game for us you guys to again show off your insane bball skills in front of all the pretty ladies at our booth. At the end of the day, we'll tally the top two scorers and give them a super special VMX package.

Prizes: Exclusive VMX Grand Prizes

3. But first selfies!

Get to know the girls coming on August 3 here

Get to know the girls coming on August 4 here

We'll have tons of your favorite AO Women at our booth so you'll get a chance to have selfies with them to your hearts' content. Just be your gentlemanly selves and we'll all have an awesome time!

4. AO The Magazine Signing!

As we've mentioned before, we have VIVA Celebrities featured on the first issue of VMX The Magazine at our booth during both August 3 and 4. They'll be at our booth different times so you better visit our booth often!