Genshin Impact is a free to play gacha-RPG that is available on PC, mobile, and console. The quest is simply to find and save your twin (on the outset, you get to pick whether you are male or female; your twin takes a different gender). The game provides a graphically appealing world with its variety of characters that you can play. The gameplay focuses primarily on its open world aspect, meaning you are free to do whatever your heart desires. Its combat system rides on the element each character possesses. There are seven elements in the universe of Genshin Impact, you can combine them to unleash devastating combos. 

Why Genshin Impact is worth checking out

Genshin Impact is special in terms of what it provides being a free-to-play game. It provides stellar graphics, engaging gameplay, a neat storyline, and on top of that being convenient to play. With the recent releases of patch 1.1 and 1.2, the developers have proven they can release exciting new content within six weeks per patch. The main story is not even finished! As the story finishes with Act 1, there are still five more confirmed Acts waiting to be released. Genshin Impact is certainly worth checking out as its unique gameplay and unforgiving gacha rates makes it no mere copy of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Who is Xiao? And why is he trending?

Xiao is going to be the newly released character for Genshin Impact. There are two main reasons for why he is trending right now: He is a well thought-out character and a husbando ( a male version of a waifu).

Xiao allures you with his dark-cruel lore, exciting gameplay, and art style. Xiao is emphasized in his lore as the “Conqueror of Demons”. He fights evil in the shadows as penance for the sins he committed in the past. Because of this, he is an unpopular deity people don’t pray to for wealth nor protection. Aside from his lore, Xiao provides exciting gameplay with his attacks. best compared to the hulk, annihilating his opponents with plunge attacks.

As a husbando, he has a massive following on social media, but also for his mysterious and edgy personality. Because of this, fans find him quite attractive. He is so popular that when Mihoyo, the creators of Genshin Impact, released his character teaser trailer he trended on Twitter with 150,000 tweets.