1. New Shiny UI

The new lobby actually looks a lot cleaner than it used to be. The icons are way less cramped and easier to see and touch, which makes claiming the rewards less taxing. Though, the multiple paths you have to navigate through to claim rewards from special events takes a longer time than we'd like.

2. New improved map

We're pleasantly surprised by how fluid the gameplay has gotten, especially now that the graphics have improved dramatically. Besides the game looking a lot prettier, the hitbox for units have gotten more defined because of the overall improvement in the clarity of the game. Overall a really good quality of life update.

3. Faster load times 

Moontoon, the developers of MLBB, promised its players faster load times, but honestly, with the Internet here in the Philippines, it doesn't really matter because we're never getting 10 second load times with majority of the players here playing on 3G connection. Not Moontoon's fault in any way, this part of the update just isn't that impactful for most Philippine Mobile Legends players.

4. New hero: Wan Wan

TL;DR, she's pretty OP like most newly launched heroes. We played a few games against her and she's pretty mobile for a ranged auto attack-based hero because of her passive that lets her lunge in whatever direction you want essentially after each auto attack or skill as long as you hit her special marks on your target. If you play League of Legends, she's kinda like Kalista mixed with a bit of Xayah thanks to her retractable feathers, which can slow and even stun the open if they're hit twice. Her ultimate is pretty cool as well because it does tons of damage to an entire enemy team ALL THE WHILE BEING INVINCIBLE if it manages to kill your initial target so good thing it has a drawback of having a condition to be able to cast it. Oh yeah, and her second active skill lets you remove all crowd control on you... so yeah pretty OP to have on such a mobile champion.

5. Events

There are a ton of new events that give you prizes for playing everyday and recharging diamond, which is expected after a major update. You can get a free hero and skin if you consistently play a few matches a day. Though, we have to emphasize that it would be really helpful to have a claim all button for events like this because no one really wants to spend so much time collecting loot, when you just want to play.