We all know how serious China gets when it comes to gaming so we aren't really sure why Sony thought it was a good idea to back Genshin Impact, a game that's getting a whole lot of hype recently for... being a clone of Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild, the most recent release from the extremely popular Legend of Zelda franchise. 

The first gameplay footage of Genshin Impact was released at the China Joy Gaming Expo, and let's just say that the crowd wasn't really pleased with what they saw.

It honestly looks pretty cool, but so does Zelda.

A lot of people are saying that it's just an anime version of Breath of the WIld, dubbing it as Genshin Impact: Breath of the Waifus. If you've played Breath of  the Wild at all, you'll definitely notice A LOT of similarities, from the gameplay, the enemies you encounter, the user interface, heck even the theme songs.

"Pakopya naman, bes." "Sige pero ibahin mo nang konti ah."

But, damn, the Chinese will really let you know when they don't approve of something. A guy literally smashed his PS4 just to let Sony have a piece of his mind.

The rest of the attendees pretty much had the sentiments for Sony.

The other people at the convention also expressed their dismay over the blatant plagiarism by miHoYo and Sony actually promoting the act by raising their middle fingers while holding up their Nintendo Switches.

If you ask us, miHoYo and Sony should have just concentrated on bring some of their already established games to console like Honkai Impact 3, which a lot of mobile fans have been begging them to do for the longest time. 

But, we guess all publicity is good publicity to them since the game might have just flown under the radar if it weren't for that exceptionally angry (and probably rich) Chinese fellow who could afford to Hulk smash his PS4. Sa amin na lang sana, bro!