If you’ve been following Kat Dovey on Instagram for a while now, you might notice that she has a keen eye when it comes to taking aesthetically pleasing pictures. Whether it’s a selfie or photos of her cats, you can’t deny that her ability to capture moments and emotions is truly remarkable.


The composition, lighting, and overall aesthetic of Kat’s photos are always stunning — just like her. She always has a way of making even the simplest of subjects look captivating. Like this one for instance. It’s pictures of her Mitsubishi Mirage getting the love and care it deserves. 


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While the Mirage is definitely no Ferrari or a Lambo, Kat continues to prove that you don’t need fancy cars to get around. 


In fact, the Mitsubishi Mirage is a quintessential pick when it comes to affordability partnered with low maintenance cost, and comfortable interior that offers advanced safety features. It’s extremely reliable for everyday use, and that’s why we understand why people like Kat continue to invest in it. 


And by that being said, we encourage you to take notes from Kat Dovey. Because, there is no better time to have your ride cleaned now that it’s summer! Wala nang excuse excuse na ‘baka umulan sayang ang wax.’


We think it goes without saying that keeping your car clean can provide a wide range of benefits, both for the car itself and the overall driving experience. 


The cleaner your ride is, the better performance you will get. 


Now that you’ve seen how Kat takes good care of her ride, now is the time to do the same with yours. So, stop watching TV, get up and get your ride clean now!