Now guys, this is not just a simple congrats on getting a new car, we’re talking about a supercar here. The Maserati Ghibli, according to Maserati’s official site, is “the absolute opposite of ordinary”—as if owning a luxury sports car is ho-hum ordinary! But what Maserati is saying that the company of like premium rides, they’re the ones who work to stand out.

So there, Donnalyn just got one, and how much did it cost her? Upwards of P7 million! But that is not the really amazing part. The truly amazing part is that she bought it cashless—Donnalyn used Lyka gems!

In the vlog episode where she buys the car, you can see how she uses her smartphone to pay—all that happens is a few steps on the app and a transfer of numbers and, viola!, Donnalyn became a Maserati owner. Donnalyn herself says it isn’t clickbait so it must be true.

She also says that it’s her third luxury car (she was in a Porsche when she went to purchase the Maserati). All in all, what this simple exercise tells us is that Donnalyn is the undisputed young queen of social media and she makes huge bank for it!