According to, the Olympics has only been cancelled three times: Berlin 1916, because of WWI; 1940 Tokyo and 1944 London, because of WWII. 

We could have had our latest Olympics in Tokyo 2020, but Covid-19 brought things to a halt. But Tokyo Olympics officials are determined to hold the Tokyo Olympics in 2021, with one catch: there will be no spectators. 

In a Kyodo news agency report, Japan said it has decided to stage this summer's Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics without overseas spectators due to public concern about COVID-19. The Olympics are going to happen from July 23 to Aug. 8, and the Paralympics from Aug. 24 to Sept. 5 

 "The organizing committee has decided it is essential to hold the ceremony in the northeastern prefecture of Fukushima behind closed doors, only permitting participants and invitees to take part in the event, to avoid large crowds forming amid the pandemic," Kyodo said, quoting the officials.

What’s even more interesting: The opening ceremony of the torch relay would also be held without any spectators. This is going to be history, and it’s going to be weird.