Windsurfing requires strength, endurance and balance, and that is why it’s a sport that makes a great full-body workout. The continuous movement of the body and the need to keep the sail balanced with the wind can greatly improve coordination.


Aside from windsurfing’s physical benefits, it’s also a great sport to learn when you want to relieve your stress and unwind. Just imagine the calming sound of the wind and thrilling waves as you surf across the waters. 




That being said, windsurfing can also be done in groups, providing you social interactions. It can have the potential to gain new friends, and an opportunity to connect with other people who share the same passion for the sport. 


Other elements that windsurfing may improve is your cognitive function and problem-solving skills. Since it has a mental challenge that requires a certain level of focus and concentration to read and anticipate the wind and waves.




Knowing this stuff, it makes sense why Rose Van Ginkel was determined to try it out. It’s a great sport to maintain in-shape, and we imagine this is one the reasons why Rose continues to be incredibly ravishing!