Nothing about this Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star, made in collaboration with new hip British streetwear brand A-COLD-WALL*, hints of the original look of the Chucks:

Photos from Converse

Which could be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on which side of the sneakerhead clique you belong to. 

If you’re hip and progressive, you’ll welcome this reimagining of a classic because you’re a sneakerhead that likes to push boundaries. You’ll appreciate a rebel brand like a A-COLD-WALL* getting their hands on this one, whose founder Samuel Ross is described by streetwear trendspotting site as one who “merges British working-class uniforms with elements of Savile Row tailoring” (meaning: bespoke). What came out is boot-like “in rugged black nylon with distinct zig-zag stitching all on a thick rubber outsole”, Hypebeast describes. 

Now, if you’re a staunch traditionalist you’d consider it blasphemous to even consider altering the original design of the Chucks. It’s been like that since the 1920s. It works—maybe not for basketball as its original intention was, but it looks great in jeans. It is the quintessential rock uniform. It’s outside of trends and yet always works with trends. Why change it?

Whatever, the A-COLD-WALL* x Chuck Taylor collab will reportedly sell for $160, or about P7740 in our money.  Mine?