1. Maison Margiela's Future Destroyed high-top sneaker

If you think that Gucci was the first to experiment with beaten up footwear then you'd be gravely mistaken. Maison Margiela is actually pretty known for putting the sneakers through a lot for the sake of aesthetics. Another man's trashy shoe is another man's fashion statement. 

Price: P78,890 (At first release)

2. Supreme Brick with Block Logo

We don't get why people are still fighting over the reason Supreme sold $30 bricks when the answer is so obviousbecause people will buy it! It's part utterly stupid and part insanely genius for them to do so. We're just waiting for hypebeasts to build a frat house with these babies.

Price: P1,577~P52,570 (At first release and early resell price)

3. Chanel Boomerang


When you want to throw something expensive at someone, you'd probably want it to come back so this actually makes a lot more sense than most items on this list. Sadly, Chanel got into a bit of trouble when they released this because people said they were appropriating Aboriginal culture. Well, it was Karl Lagerfeld's idea so we aren't THAT surprised.

Price: P104,460 (At first release)

4. Prada Paperclip-shaped Money Clip

We mean, you wouldn't want your wads of cash to suddenly go flying whenever there's a gust of wind, right? It's super practical because it reminds you that money is just pretty printed on paper so why the hell should we even save any?

Price: P104,460 (At first release)

5. Balenciaga "T-Shirt Shirt"

That's just straight-up value. It's literally DOUBLE the value. It's two shirts... count them. TWO SHIRTS... IN ONE. We're not even joking because you can wear either shirt depending on which one you prefer at that given moment. 

Price: P67,815 (At first release)