Holy Crocs what the hell is this?!

Yes, it’s the new YEEZY only a guy like Kanye West is allowed to think up, this time a collaboration with NBA star Derrick Rose called YZY Rose. The first thing you will no doubt wonder is if Kanye West has been having fish for dinner, and if he is liking it so much. Whatever inspiration Kanye says he got this from, we stand by our opinion that it comes from fishbone. 


Eh sa ganon talaga hitsura, bakit ba?!

Second thing you’ll be asking is how in the name of footwear science is it going to be worn. Kanye’s wife showed us how in an IG post. Mind you, she isn’t auditioning for a cartoon. 

Third thing you’ll want to know is if it is a basketball shoe. Well, it is a Derrick Rose shoe. Derrick still plays for the NBA. He’s got a deal with adidas and his shoe line is still alive. So, yes, it should be a basketball shoe. A legit-follow up question to that is: what happens if Derrick trips over wearing the shoe? 

And the answer to that is…para siyang natinik, este, natisod...ng tinik!