Even before the pandemic struck, there has been a cycling boom among the young, hip and active crowd going on for years. You’ve got the fixed gear collective and the cruiser bikes contingent; there’s the vintage road bike collectors as well as the ‘80s BMX revivalists; and many other niche cycling cultures in between. 


It was both a lifestyle choice and alternative mobility for these cool kids. And then the pandemic struck and for many people biking became a necessity, so now we have the current bike boom and word is out that demand is so high bike manufacturers are struggling to keep up. 

The thing about cycling is that, unless you were a serious road cyclist aspiring for some Tour de France fantasy, wearing the balls-hugging lycra kit and the hard-sole cycling shoes are the out of the question. It just doesn’t work for casual or lifestyle riding. 


Thankfully, Adidas has solved this dilemma, at least in the shoe department. This is the new Adidas Velosamba:

By all indications, it is still the classic and hip Sambas that’s perfect to wear with practically anything. It’s the epitome of style and comfort. What makes it cycling-specific is the addition of that thing on the sole called cleats that clips on to pedals that can lock onto shoes (not all cycling pedals do this, in case non-bikers among you ask). 

It’s a small addition, but it’s a statement: Adidas is saying you don’t have to look like a cycling jock to get into cycling. If you pedal in the urban landscape, this is your kit.