For tops think: Sharp

Simple and clean is good. You don’t really want to look like you’re trying too hard, but you still want them to know you’re there to impress them.  “A non-iron white button down is a corporate must-have. Make sure the collar is crisp. If you want to be more formal, bring a suit with light material along with you. Make sure the fabric doesn’t have any distracting embellishments,” Bernales suggests.

Price: P2800,  Zalora

For bottoms think: Complementing colors

Pants aren’t really that hard to pick out since they should just be a complementing color to whatever color your suit is. Bernales suggests to pick among the blue hues so that it’ll be more eye-catching than a generic black one.

Price: P1450, Zalora

For shoes think: Form and function

Shoes make the man so you’ll have to wear a pair that’ll serve you well because no one wants to buy something that they’ll only use once. Bernales suggests black captoe oxfords (exactly like the one you see here) since it goes well with most formal wear. They’re also comfortable and durable enough to be used for everyday office work.

Price: P3638, Zalora

Complete the look with: a decent watch

Watches not only go great with suits, “you want to send the message that you manage your time well. It’s always best to come prepared. Also bring a pen for signing your contract you’ll be walking in looking like you already got the job,” Bernales says.

Price: P2049, Zalora

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