For tops think: Coverage

Long-sleeved jackets that keep your body consistently warmed up throughout your workout should keep you alert and ready for anything. It’s important for your body not to cool down so much so you’ll always be prepared to sprint whenever a dog tries to chase you. Do you guys know how it feels to be chased by a stray after a long-distance jog and you're already starting to cool down? It feels like your lungs and legs are howling.


Price: $80 (around P4,160)  Nike

For bottoms think: Compressed

It’s GG once you’ve been bitten so it’s best to concentrate on preventing that from happening in the first place. Compression pants have the least wind resistance so you can gain the most speed in short bursts. More fabric also means more area for the dogs to sink their teeth into and drag you down. Make sure you’re wearing the same brand top and bottom so you’ll look pretty legit even if anyone sees you running in terror.

Price: $57.97 (around P3,015)  Nike



For shoes think: Powerful

You need a shoe that transitions well from long-distance jogging to sprinting. Invest in shoes that mold onto the contours of your feet for maximum comfort. They should also focus on mid foot-strike impact absorption to provide a natural and powerful-stride.

Price: $175 (around P9,100)  Nike



Complete the look with: a dog repeller

Having wearable tech while running has become the norm so it wouldn’t be so off-putting to include this in your outfit. A lot of people might just think it’s a step tracker or something. The peace of mind you’ll get outweighs any hassle of having to carry this item along with you during jogs. Make sure you use it properly, though. You wouldn’t want to alarm harmless house dogs.


Price: P377  Lazada


Chise is a regular jogger in his village. He occasionally joins fun runs, the longest distance he's run being 24km. Neighbors probably recognize him for the strange facial expressions he makes when he’s hiding the fact that he’s already exhausted. He’s clearly more of a cat person.