Kiko Mizuhara (@i_am_kiko on IG) is one of our favorite Japanese models.

If you're wondering where you might have seen her before, she plays Mikasa Ackerman in the live-action movie of Attack on Titan!

You probably can tell that her style is pretty out there, but we think that just shows how talented of a model she is. One way you can differentiate good models from great ones is how great models are seemingly able to pull-off any style you want them to. That said, we think Kiko Mizuhara is some sort of chameleon because she does this so well while at the same time putting her own cute and sexy spin to every shot she's in. Here are some of our favorite looks from Kiko Mizuhara's portfolio.

Creepy crawly cutie

Got that dominatrix vibe down

Of course she'd look amazing in a bikini

She'd be a great magician; we're mesmerized already

Bring back the classy in black and white

Or... she can wear next to nothing and we'd be fine with that as well.