1. Yeezy Boost 700 Inertia

Release Date: March 9
Price $220

Just looking at this baby makes you want to go zoom. The blue shades match with the Yeezy 700's design, which gives it more of a chill yet active look. If you want something that isn't as eye-catching as the Wave Runner but not as plain-looking as the Salt then this something-in-the-middle is for you.

2. AURALEE x New Balance Tokyo Design Studio RC_2 and Capsule

Release Date: March 9

Minimalist form meets function as the Japanese brand Auralee works on a pair with New Balance Tokyo and creates this really premium-looking sneaker. While this shoe looks like something you would wear to style up your outfit, it's actually really built for running. This pair features a GORE-TEX lining, which keeps out water, and has very noticeable reflective accents for those late night jogs.

3. Air Jordan 1 "Noise Cancelling"

Release Date: March 12
Price: $110

So clean, man. These look like they were made by Apple or something. Despite the oversaturation of white sneakers out there, we still feel like the Air Jordan's will still stand out just because of how iconic the design is.

4. No-Comply x Daniel Johnston x Vans Era & Slip-On

Release Date: March 13

True love did find us in the end because we're head over heels for these new Vans release. It's super charming to see Daniel Johnston's art on sneakers. It's simplistic design won't be as noticeable and impressive until you take look at them up close, which perfectly summarizes the distinct style of Johnston's art and music. Take a second to notice and find something special.

5. Jordan Apex Utility

Release Date: March 14
Price: $200

There's a lot going on with this shoe. It's like these guys merged old-school design with new tech and honestly, after staring at it for a bit, we're kinda liking it. It takes a while to get used to the translucent shroud but the familiar design of Flyknit Air Jordan 1 makes us want to look at it longer. The react mid-soles also put a touch of modernity and solidity to the sneaker.