1-2. Stop stroking your chin and keep moisturizing

We know it can be hard at times to keep your hands off the merchandise but your hands are the main reason for the transferring of germs. If your beard often gets itchy, you may have developed dry skin underneath. To counter this sensation, use specialized shampoo and conditioner meant for your beard since regular products are often too harsh for the sensitive skin on your face. Never vigorously rub your beard after washing, instead pat it dry so that the natural oils on you skin won’t be wiped off. Applying beard oil after washing also helps hydrate the skin.

Groom That Beard: Fuel Around Nourishing Beard Oil with Clean-up shampoo, P1,200.

3. Prep your skin before shaving

We really can't understand why people don’t see the importance of pre-shaving. Without it, you’re essentially scraping off the surface of your skin, which is awful. Pre-shaving not only allows for a cleaner and more accurate shave since your pores have been prepped, but it also coats your skin with a protective layer that prevents you from irritating the surface.

Billy Jealousy, Heating towel pre-shave, P1,800.

4. Invest in proper equipment

We know that electric shavers are a huge time-saver for quick trimming but relying solely on this machine is sacrilegious for true beard connoisseurs. There is a time and place for electric shavers but when you really want to bring out the full potential of you facial hair and get that close-shaved ultra clean look, investing in a legit shaving set is the way to go.

Edwin Jagger shaver and badger brush, P7,600.

5. Don’t get lazy with that after-shave

Shaving, even when done right, can still damage sensitive skin. That’s why it’s important to keep your skin clean to avoid any irritations or infections. An aftershave helps repair and nourish damage skin cells. It also promotes healthy hair growth and moisturizes skin.

Imperial: After-shave balm and face moisturizer, P1,100.00

Photos courtesy of Slickville Barbers