Top think: Cuddle-ready

Chemistry can be determined by how comfortable you are with one another. If you’re not comfortable with what you’re wearing it’ll show. “You gotta be cuddle-ready,” Bernales says. “Try sporting a tailored button-down in soft cotton. Choose a color that compliments your skin tone, I suggest something light so it can already set the tone of your date.”

Price: P800.00 Shopee

Bottoms think: Versatile

Dates plans can easily change especially on days as busy as Valentines. Be sure you can mingle anywhere by picking up a pair of pants that are just the right amount for formal mixed with the right amount of fun. Bernales suggests chino pants because you still looked “dressed-up” in any situation you’re caught in.

Price: P2,120.00 Shopee

Footwear think: Comfy

You have a lot of choices when it comes to shoes so you’ll have to think what best goes with your outfit. “You can pick anything from your favorite pair of sneakers to something along the lines of a topsider. Anything shoe could work as long as they don’t clash with the outfit you’ve picked,” says Bernales.

Price: P4,998.00 Shopee


Complete the look with: Light-scented perfume

A little bit of perfume never hurt anyone. Though, Bernales suggests that you pick something lightly scented for dates. “Overpowering perfumes might turn off your date. The goal of the night is to get the girl(s) closer to you so showcasing a bit of your natural pheromones will do you good,” says Bernales.

Price: P18,869.00

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