1. Converse Chuck Taylor All Star High/Low Top 

Looking at how Chuckie Ts are modeled, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that these are considered by a lot of weightlifters to be cheap and reliable footwear for the gym. Chuck Taylor’s have really solid rubber soles that provide stability when lifting heavy weights. The flatness of these soles keep your feet close to the ground so you can exert effort maximum effort without losing balance or compensate by using other muscles you shouldn’t. Chuckie Ts are also really cheap yet durablemaybe because they’ve kept the same classic model built throughout the years. Why fix something that isn’t broken?

Price: P3,990 (may vary)

2. Nike Metcon 4 

The Metcon has always had a place in the upper echelons of the weightlifting shoe game because of its consistent performance and cross-training capability. The Metcon 4 improves on these qualities. A strong and flexible base allows the shoe to be, erm, flexible to any exercise you do. You can alsonuse the Metcons in powerlifting and core work like rope and ball slams. It’s a very versatile shoe that can cater to most, if not all, your needs at the gym. The soles, by the way, though flexible, are hard so they're not fit for running.

Price: P6,800 (may vary)

3. Adidas Alphabounce Trainer cross 

Don’t let the the name fool you, the Adidas Alphabounce is actually pretty stable. It might not provide the best support compared with the other shoes on this list, but we think it’s the perfect transition shoe for you guys who just can’t seem to part with their beloved b-ball shoes.

Not only is it stylish, it provides quite a bit of comfort while walking around the gym or as you do some calisthenics in between sets.

Price: P4,700 (may vary) 

 4. Nike Romaleos 3

The most expensive shoe on this list, probably even one of the most expensive lifting shoes available on the market. It boasts the most features that allow for a customizable weightlifting experience because of the interchangeable insoles and flyware cables that adjust for you to be able to properly lock down to the ground. If you’re not content with just the basics, you’ll probably need to invest in this beauty with all its bells and whistles.  

Price: P10,700 (may vary)

5. Reebok Legacy Lifter 

This pair just hugs your foot that it feels like you're wearing a glove, but without the constriction. Though it might be difficult for some to adjust to the many straps, you can’t discount the safety it gives because of the double support afforded your whole upper foot. The best part about the LLs is the heel support, which helps people who tend to tip over during deadlifts and squats.

Price: 10,400 (may vary)