For tops think: Compatible

No one wants to get into a long-sleeved polo while you're dripping sweat so you should probably just stick to the short-sleeved collared shirts. It won't look as professional, of course, but you have to be realistic. Think about it this way: which would you rather look like, a guy na hindi makapakali because of the discomfort he's feeling or a guy that looks presentable and has his sh*t together? It's all about confidence and you can't be confident if you don't feel comfortable in what you're wearing.

Price: P990Uniqlo

For bottoms think: Flexible

We personally hate the feeling of getting into tight and restricting pants, especially when we're a bit sweaty and sticky. We recommend wearing stretchable and breathable pants that can prevent any chafing or discomfort coming from sweat. Of course pick a pair that still fits well and looks presentable in the office. 

Price: P1650, Amazon

For shoes think: Slip-ons

You can never go wrong with slip-on dress shoes, that's why they're such a safe thing to have in your pamalit kit. True, guys don't have broken heels to worry about but having shoes that are extra clean for those special meetings might just be the thing to impress the right people.

Price: P3299  Zalora

Complete the look with: a bendable comb

Combs are heavily underrated because of hair commercials promoting finger combing. While finger combs work well after taking a bath, your hair after being exposed to the scorching sun is a different story. A comb is a trusty companion to have whenever you need to look a tad more presentable. Make sure the comb is durable so you can slide that bad boy into your pants pocket without fear of breaking them. 

Price: P150 Lazada