1. Untangle Your Hair

First things first: let's turn that whirlpool of follicles into a beautiful waterfall. Untangling your hair means teasing out all the knots and making room for the rest of the tips we've got for you.


Arcano suggests using a detangling brush. These are hair brushes with flexible bristles, not like the hard teeth of a comb. The little bulbs at the tip of most detangling brushes also help the brush glide through your hair, and for any tangles to naturally be undone along the way. If you want the absolute best for your hair, we recommend Tangle Teezer brushes, which absolutely minimize damage to your hair when brushing, and are designed ergonomically for comfort.


2. Dilute Your Shampoo

Next, when washing your hair, it's better to dilute your shampoo a little in water than to use it straight from the bottle. Doing so will lower its pH level, which makes it less harsh on your hair. Arcano also says to avoid shampoos with sulfate. Sulfates are emulsifiers in shampoos and conditioners that help strip away the greasiness from your scalp, but higher than normal quantities can cause irritation leading up to skin damage.


3. Use Dry Shampoo Moderately

If your scalp is oily, Arcano recommends using dry shampoo. Dry shampoos are in powder form, and they soak up oil, which makes this the obvious solution to the problem. It can, however, irritate your skin. “Do not apply it directly on your scalp. Spray it on your hands and distribute evenly on your hair,” Arcano says.


4. Hair Dryers On Cold Before Hot

The last step of this routine is, of course, drying your now-clean hair. Assuming you use a hair dryer, it can be tempting to blast your sopping wet hair with high heat to get it done with fast. But doing so can damage you hair and make it thin or frizzy, or even loosen them from your scalp. Arcano says it's better to start cold, and then when your hair is half-dry, only then turn up the heat. Cold settings exist on hair dryers for a reason, and that is to still push air through your forest of follicles, but at a gentler temperature.


5. Don’t Shampoo Every Day

This one isn’t part of Arcano’s 4-step plan but it’s a helpful enough tip to note. Washing your hair and getting all the dirt out is good, but your body also has a natural protection for your hair and scalp via natural oils. These natural hair oils also keep your hair looking vibrant. Shampooing once every 2-3 days should be enough to keep your head clean but not completely dry your scalp.