1. Breadfaceblog

You probably wouldn't know about Breadfaceblog unless you frequently visit the weird side of YouTube (which is actually becoming a lot bigger now). Ever since we discovered that smushing your face into bread was actually a thing people enjoy watching, it became a lot easier to accept that it isn't really THAT weird. Smushing soft things that taste and smell good into your face actually seems quite therapeutic and pleasant.

2. Quantum ASMR

All of us have probably had that math teacher that lectured in such a lulling way that it was impossible to not fall asleep during his/her class. Quantum ASMR lets you do just that without any of the guilt. They also replaced your boring math teacher with a stunning woman in this equation so we'll say that that's a net positive.

3. Gibi ASMR

It's not THAT kind of roleplay so don't get too excited. Gibi ASMR is a really wholesome channel that is really creative when it comes to the story lines and characters it explores in her videos. From sleep therapists to mermaids, it's like you're being lulled to sleep by your favorite fairy tale all over again.


Warning: Don't watch this guy while you're hungry. We picked this channel out of everyone else that does mukbang (binge-eating) ASMR videos because he's actually one of the few that actually looks like he's enjoying what he's eating. QTGANG also has consistenly solid sound and video quality; perfect for the food porn he features in his videos.

5. Jojo's ASMR

If you say that doing ASMR requires no talent, just watch what this guy's mouth can do (that sounded pretty weird but it's true). Jojo really has a way with manipulating and combining different sounds and triggers that cause the tingling sensation people want to experience when listening to ASMR. It really shows how much thought he puts into creating his videos.