1. Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

There are so many quotable quotes in the Jojo's Bizarre Adventure series that we'd love to hear in Filipino. Even if they sensor Joseph Joestar's iconic "HOLY SHEEETS" in lieu of a more child-friendly catch phrase, just thinking about how they'll deliver all the ORA ORA ORA's and "your next line" monologues already cracks us up.

2. Golden Boy

Golden Boy is the best English Dubbed anime of all time don't @ us. We think Golden Boy will fit perfectly with how our Filipino voice actors tend to embellish the emotions in our language. Also, getting a Filipino voice actor that can fully channel Kintaro's manyakness while he says "sobrang educational!" probably won't be that hard considering how easily Filipinos can up the tone of their voice to achieve maximum manyak levels. Err... just look at our the cat callers! 

3. Monogatari series

The prospect of getting this series dubbed in Filipino comes from how well people can write and translate the long, intricate, philosophical monologues that this anime makes use of because we all know that philosophy sounds so much more beautiful in Filipino. We're definitely not suggesting this anime because we'd like to hear a cute Pinay voice actress deliver the cute cat tongue twisters. 

4. Devilman Crybaby

Devilman Crybaby puts so many interesting stylistic choices in how the anime is animated, the diverse soundtrack used for different scenes, and the mindfuck story that we honestly have no clue how Filipnos would receive the anime as a whole but we'd love to see non-mainstream artists from theater and underground hip-hop to take on this masterpiece. Honestly, just the prospect of hearing our local rappers write their own renditions of the insane freestyles in this anime is worth dubbing the entire thing.

5. Overlord

We think Overlord's MMORPG world would appeal a lot to the Filipino gaming community, especially with all the references to the peenoise style of gaming we could include as extra comedic material. We'd especially love to hear how they'll translate the baps used in this scene. 

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