Directed by: Mike Nicholls
Starring: Nathalie Portman, Jude Law, Julia Roberts, and Clive Owen

This movie gives a new meaning to the relationship status, “It’s complicated.” This film revolves around Alice Ayres the stripper, Dan Woolf the writer, Anna Cameron the photographer, and Larry Gray the dermatologist—four people who just can't decide who they want to be with in life. Without getting into the very complicated plot the movie has, it’s about the on-and-off relationships these people have with each other through the course of their lives. What makes the story interesting is how their interactions differ as they mature and learn from their past relationships. 

The Royal Tenenbaums

Directed by: Wes Anderson
Starring:  Danny Glover, Gene Hackman, Anjelica Huston, Bill Murray, Gwyneth Paltrow, Ben Stiller, Luke Wilson, and Owen Wilson

A comedy-drama film about a dysfunctional family and their unexpected reunion when Royal Tenenbaum, the head of the family who is on the verge of a messy divorce with his wife Etheline. Royal pretends to have stomach cancer to win back the affection of his wife and children. All of the characters really have very strong personalities that highlight the comical value and absurd situations in the film while still maintaining its relatability.

What Dreams May Come

Directed by: Vincent Ward
Starring: Robin Williams, Annabella Sciorra

This film explores the concept of life, death, and the eternal as it follows the story of Chris’s (Robin Williams) life and afterlife. Chris dies in an accident and finds himself in heaven watching his wife fall into depression. She then commits suicide and goes to hell so Chris decides to leave heaven and go after her. This film is an emotional roller coaster but believe Bela when she says it’s worth the watch just for the pure and transcendental love shown in the film.

Mood Indigo

Directed by: Michel Gondry
Starring: Romain Duris, Audrey Tautou

Bela really seems to like films that are very difficult to explain and this by far is the most confusing to describe because of the surreal and fantastical aspects of the film. Mood Indigo is a French film that tells the story of a rich and successful man named Colin who falls in love with a girl named Chloe. The two get married and are living happily until Chloe falls ill during their honeymoon. A water lily starts growing inside her chest and to stay alive, she has to be surrounded by fresh flowers all the time. The film is filled with visual metaphors and a hypnotizing soundtrack that will leave your mind and heart full.

Somewhere in Time

Directed by: Jeannot Szwarc
Starring: Christopher Reeve, Jane Seymour

Another film that makes you feel a whirlwind of emotions. It's the story of a man named Richard who travels back in time upon falling in love with the portrait of a woman named Elise. What makes this film so interesting is it gives you an insight about the themes people used back then to describe love.