Yup, you heard it right, Masashi Kishimoto, the creator of one of the most iconic anime and manga ever, Naruto has finally dropped the project he's been working on since the final arc of Naruto Shippuden. A lot of people have speculated that the reason for the sort of out-of-place themes of the final arc, aka the introduction of the alien ninja bish, Kaguya, was because Kishimoto already wanted to leave Naruto behind and start this project instead.

It's about a boy named Hachimaru who wants to be a mechanical samurai despite his very weak body. In this universe, Samurai are almost like technologically augmented humans. People become Samurai by committing Senpukku with a very valuable item called a Locker Ball. A body can either accept a Locker Ball and evolve into a Samurai body or reject it and die.

This makes Hachimaru's dream very difficult to achieve because his body is so weak that he can't even leave his house because he can't survive without a life support system and the help of his father. He just spends his days playing video games until one day a Samurai Cat appears before him and his life changes forever.

It's definitely interesting to see a Kishimoto try something very different by venturing into the world of science fiction when Naruto was almost devoid of any technology past the steampunk age. We're really excited and hopeful with what's in store for this title. Hopefully, it'll live up to its hype unlike other series out there *cough cough* Boruto.