Before we went ahead and wrote this, we made multiple checks to see if it was legit. It looks like it is. 

So it turns out that Facebook, with all the money at their disposal, is trying to do their part in helping out small businesses globally through the Facebook Small Business Grants Program. The plan is to give $100 million in cash grants and ad credits to qualified businesses.

They hope that the grant they give can help small business pay for employees, keep the rent, support communities, and connect with customers, among others.

Is it available in the Philippines? Yes. And it appears that it’s been offered for some time now as the deadline for application has been extended to October 19. We ourselves received an email from Facebook to tell us about the extension and outlining the requirements for eligibility:

The requirements must be that your business:

-Has experienced challenges from Covid-19

-Has between 2 and 50 employees as of 1 January 2020

-Has been operating for over a year

-Be a for-profit company

-Be located in or near a location where Facebook has offices in Metro Manila

So why not give it a go? Wala namang mawawala. Kesa naman yung negosyo ang mawala. Just be extra careful though clicking on links—we’ve read reports that hackers have been using this program to phish information. Identity theft is real, folks!