It's been thirteen years since Jason Voorhees appeared on the big screen with 2009's Friday The 13th reboot by Marcus Nispel. Since then, fans of the iconic slasher have been itching to see him come back with his classic hockey mask and machete. While the 2009 reboot was successful in the box office and even garnered cult-following over the years, a sequel was never green-lit due to legal concerns.

Creator Sean S. Cunningham said the sequel was supposed to explore Jason's troubled past as a kid and his relationship with his mother (Pamela Voorhees). We know what you're thinking: that it's such a shame it never happened. Well, good news for you Jason fans, because Friday The 13th will be back in 2023! 

Thanks to the fans' dedication, they immediately noticed sneaky Cunningham's updated Cameo bio:

Fans, including us, were completely blown away by this tease! If you ask us, the movie is definitely destined to come out next year. We mean, the 13th movie of the Friday the 13th franchise will come out 13 years after the last one?! Seems like a damn good time to release it, right?!

Although Cunningham removed this tease from his Cameo profile already, the deed has been done. Wala nang bawian!

As of now, there are no specific details about the upcoming film. But one thing's for sure, whether it's a reboot of the entire franchise or a sequel to 2009's Friday The 13th, you can expect us to be there at opening night!

For the meantime, if you need a refresher with the Friday The 13th franchise, here's the intro of Friday the 13th Part VII: A New Blood where they recapped Jason's origin. The intro is voiced by none other than the late Walter J. Gorney who played Crazy Ralph in the first two films.

Would you like to know an interesting fact about the Friday The 13th franchise?

Jason Voorhees wouldn't be as iconic as he is today without Harry Manfredini's iconic Jason sound effect! You know what we're talking about: the creepy "ki ki ki.... ma ma ma." Manfredini deemed it to be a critical element to the film as it indicates that the killer is present on-screen. But how did it originate?

During the final scene of the original Friday The 13th, Pamela Voorhees was chanting a creepy monologue saying "kill her mommy" repeatedly.  Manfredini was quick to take the "Ki" from kill and "Ma" from mommy, and put them into an echoplex. Thus, giving birth to one of the most iconic sound effects in the horror genre! *Ki ki ki.... ma ma ma*

Are you excited for the 13th installment of Friday The 13th? Or are you more of a Freddy Krueger or Michael Myers fan? Regardless, let us know in the comments below!