We’re on the edge of our seats, with less than a day to go before we catch the sizzling Pantaxa champion, Aiko Garcia, in her first leading role in ‘Haliparot,’ a Vivamax exclusive! What’s more is that it’s also a much-anticipated return to the erotic genre for Maui Taylor! 


Directed by Bobby Bonifacio, the creative force behind Vivamax hits like ‘Bula,’ ‘Salamat Daks,’ ‘Kahalili,’ and ‘Sex Hub,’ ‘Haliparot’ promises a perfect storm of stars that sets up a perfect stage for Aiko’s grand debut and Maui’s tantalizing return to the world of eroticism; bound to set the screens ablaze.


Let’s dive into this tale, where we’re drawn into the intricate web of a forbidden love triangle. Meet Abigail (played by Aiko), Libay (portrayed by Maui), who happens to be Abigail’s mom, and the charming Jeric (brought to life by Matthew Francisco).




The bond between Abigail and her mother, Libay, is as robust as it gets, having weathered life’s stormy seas together. But the plot takes a sultry twist when Jeric, a missionary with more on his mind than sermons, enters the pictures.

As Jeric and Libay kindle a fiery romance while sharing the same roof with Abigail, the family dynamics sizzle and swirl. Abigail’s deepest desires are stirred every time she catches the passionate moments between her mother and Jeric, setting the scene for an enticing tale of love and longing.




Jeric, fully aware of Abigail’s desire, didn’t resist to fall to the temptation of seducing Abigail. Whenever Libay went out, Jeric made love with Abigail.


What will be the climax of this forbidden love triangle? Will Abigail and Libay rekindle their mother-daughter connection? Mark your calendars for October 20 when ‘Haliparot’ lights up the screen, revealing the electrifying twists and turns.




As for Aiko, her journey from Pantaxa champion to hits like  ‘Balik Taya,’ ‘High on Sex 2,’ and the recent ‘Halo-Halo X’ proves that she is a rising star to watch. The future shines brightly for this talented actress, and it’s like she’s ready to snatch up the lead roles like a seasoned pro!


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