In the announcement, James Gunn immediately addressed that his job is to have a cohesive narrative for the DCEU and to connect all the films, TV series and Games into one, giant universe. Gunn also talked about how Matt Reeves's 'The Batman', and Todd Philipps's 'Joker' franchise are labelled to be elseworld stories that are not connected to the main universe of DC. 


Moreover, the DCEU franchise will be split down to chapters rather than phases, which Marvel has been doing for the past decade. Chapter 1, entitled 'God's and Monsters', is the first collection of films and TV series that audiences will experience for the upcoming years. So, let's see what's inside Chapter 1!





    • Superman: Legacy — Written by James Gunn himself, this new Superman film is not an origin story of Kal-El. Rather, the focus will be on Superman's struggle to balance his superhero and “human”  lives.. The movie will be released on July 11, 2025.


    • The Authority — A passion project for James Gunn, The Authority  is a group of anti-heroes who is extremely cunning. They will do every means necessary to fix the broken world.


    • The Brave and The Bold — The introduction of Batman and Robin to the new DCEU that is based on Grant Morrison's iconic comic book series. The main Robin of the DCEU is most likely to be Damien Wayne instead of Dick Grayson. Furthermore, the film will also tease and introduce The Bat Family. 


    • Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow — A jaded version of Supergirl who is thrown into a big, sci-fi epic.


  • Swamp Thing — The origin story of Swamp Thing, approached as a dark, creature feature horror story.



TV Series:



    • Creature Commandos (Animated) — Written by James Gunn, it features Rick Flagg Sr., Weasel (who we have seen in Gunn's The Suicide Squad), Doctor Phosphorus, and many others.


    • Waller (Live Action) — A live action series about Amanda Waller (played by Viola Davis) who will collaborate with  John Cena's team in Peacemaker.' The show will be helmed by the creators of Watchmen and Doom Patrol.'


    • Lanterns (Live Action) — Live action TV series that will feature Hal Jordan and John Stewart as Green Lanterns with other members of the corps. Gunn stated that the approach will be similar to True Detectives' with Lanterns as space cops.


    • Paradise Lost (Live Action)  Described as Game of Thrones set in Themyscira (birth place of Wonder Woman) that will revolve around the Amazons. 


  • Booster Gold (Live Action) — Live action series about Booster Gold who is a loser. He then uses future technology to become a superhero, which Gunn stated will focus on the 'impostor syndrome' of Booster Gold himself. 




Are you excited about the future of the DCEU? Because we definitely are! Sure, the departure of Henry Cavill is saddening, but we can't help but think that the future for this franchise is bright!