With her stellar performances from “Kinsenas, Katapusan’ (2022), to her highly-aclaimed films “ Ahasss” (2023), and “BJJ: Woman on Top” (2023) Angela Morena showcases her acting prowess and mastery in emotion with a tearjerking performance.




Her co-lead actress, Denise Esteban known from her blazing performances in “Kara Krus”(2022) and “Doblado’ (2022), parades her alluring talents in portraying sensual and sultry characters.


On the press conference of “Japino” we had the opportunity to interview both stars, Angela Morena and Denise Esteban with their experience on the set.




Angela Morena, who plays the character Ayu, discovers the importance of fatherly guidance in a woman's life as her character searches the city for her father because she feels incomplete in his absence. She learned from her experience as a club dancer how simple it was for others to criticize those in the industry and how people should be more understanding, especially to those who strive to survive.




Denise Esteban's character Aki, in the meantime, emphasizes the value of uniqueness in resolving interpersonal disputes. Given how challenging it is to earn a living while facing difficulties during pregnancy. Denise has expressed her admiration and respect for people who sacrifice all to win the right to live another day.


Despite the difficulty of filming in subfreezing temperatures, Angela and Denise have relished their time spent with their close-knit cast and crew. They have created a film that embraces art and empowers those it represents, surrounded by very passionate and lively people.


Overall, JAPINO explores the world beyond one's comfort zone. Running away from an impending horror and towards uncertainty. For those who want to be on the edge of their seats, this is an emotional yet spicy must-see.


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