1. When you know that Nadine is the real revolution!

This is for all the Blinks out there! Queen Nadine shows us that she's got what it takes to take on huge songs and make them her own. We think she just became our bias after this performance. Shout out to Kim Chiu who was definitely making things on stage a bit hotter as well.

2. Oh and she also sings Korean!

We just love it when Yassi and Nadine decide to team up for a performance because they just jive so well with one another that you can really feel their presence and chemistry dominate the stage. 

3. The moves and the voice to boot!

We just have to say that singing while dancing is actually very difficult and it boggles our minds how Nadine manages to pull off this performance so effortlessly and with so much attitude. Hopefully we'll get to see some of that sass despite her character in Indak being a shy-ish probinsyana

4. James is one lucky guy

This was one of the other moments that blew us away. We never expected Nadine to perform such a sensual number, let alone in front of thousands of people. Get yourself a girl that has that kind of confidence!

5. Yung kahit madapa sexy pa rin?!

We're also in love with this dance practice video. If this was in HD, it would probably have millions of views already. This goes on our list of dance performances where we enjoy the practice version even more than the actual performance. It just has a lot more rawness to it, which we enjoy seeing from Nadine.

In case you're wondering, here's another video from that list

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