1. Can't Blame Me by Nines 

Anime referenced:

Dragon Ball Z


Plus kinnect drops me boxes, Call of Duty care package
I ain't like them other n****s I got big dreams
The crop's green with orange hair look like android 16

 My n***a tyrell's line's nowhere near average

So many references in one damn verse. It's very impressive how well the references mix in with the actual "plot" of the song because he uses the pop-culture references to describe a real life scenario to highlight the absurdity of how the person looks and acts like—the similes and metaphors work on many different levels!

2. Counted LA by Robb Bank$ 

Anime referenced:

Naruto Shippuden


But he can't come, Barbie dolls y'all pussy with no features
These n****s on Instagram and think they thumbin' through faces
2Phone made yo b***h hit airplane mode for the d**k
Flyer than a tsuchikage in this b***h, ya lil' b***h

Robb Bank$ is one of the realest weaaboos you'll ever have the privilege of listening to. He has at least one anime reference to half of his songs. We had to pick Counted LA just for how hard he goes on  the delivery of this line, which references one of the nation leaders (kage) in the Naruto universe.

3. Full Metal by Curren$y

Anime referenced:

Fullmetal Alchemist


"Brother hasn't been dead for long. Look there's still some color in his face...His soul is probably still at the gate. I just have to pull it back, the same way he did."

Curren$y didn't just reference an anime, he actually included a sample of the English dub of Fullmetal Alchemist in one of his songs. And he even picked one of the most heartbreaking lines in the series, which was said while young Alphonse was trying to sacrifice himself to bring his brother Edward back to life.

4. Dark Tournament Denzel Curry feat Soulja Mook & K-Trip 

Anime referenced:

Yu Yu Hakusho, Death Note, Bleach, and Soul Eater


"Killer, killer, killer, hit list or that Death Note
Autographed by Justin Beiber, the future like HR Giger
Left hollow like Ichigo, Grim Reapers, and Soul Eaters."

This guy referenced four anime and one Swiss painter in one line. Wow. It's amazing how everything seems to fit together perfectly since every anime he picked has the same theme of death (they all have death reapers in them as well), which goes well with the art of HR Giger that's pretty to say the least. Also, the video literally has a reanimated scene of the Dark Tournament Arc of Yu Yu Hakusho, which is one of the best tournament arcs of all time. Don't @ me.

5. Higher Brothers - One Punch Man feat. Ski Mask the Slump God & Denzel Curry (Lyric Video)

Anime referenced:

One Punch Man, Dragon Ball, and Pokemon


Call me Goku
I play the numbers just like sudoku
Triple zero's making hella ovals
Overpaid but b***h I'm goin' postal
I dress to kill and y'all n****s formal
Magic on me, trick, I'm Dumbledore
Open your back up you lookin' like Bulbasaur
Bitch I'm tyrannical, go in tyrannosaurus
Stupid ass n***a you know that's a metaphor

Curry is really one of the GOATs of anime representation in hip-hop. Combine Curry weab lyricism and Higher Brothers' hype performance and you have a song that's worthy of sharing a title with one of the most heart-pumping series right now. ONE PUUUUUNCHHHHHH!!!