What are your favorite horror movies?

One of my favorite horror films would be 'It Follows' — it's an independent horror film. I love 'Mirrors'; I think that's one of the movies that got me into horror. Also 'Babadook' — which is more like a symbol of grief and depression. And 'Midsommar' that I think I watched four times in the cinema.

I love traditional horror, pero iba kasi talaga yung vibe ng elevated horror movies — it makes you think compared to traditional ones where the horror is straightforward. Movies like 'Babadook' and 'It Follows', it makes you think na "ano yung ibig sabihin non?" Kasi diba sa It Follows she's being followed everywhere, tapos yun pala yung underlying meaning non is because it's a sexually transmitted disease. 

What is it like working with director Mikhail Red for the first time?

Si direk, I love that he's very particular, because I'm also like that. Yung shots, hindi pwede yung "pwede na yan." Talagang kung may gusto siyang shots, yun yung kailangan gawin and ma-achieve. I noticed din na si direk, one cam lang. First time ko mag shoot ng one cam lang ng buong film, but that's how he works and I'm not complaining because all of the shots are so amazing. I love how he works, and sobrang chill lang kami sa set actually!

This is an out-of-the-box move in your career, so are there any challenges you faced while filming 'Deleter?'

Ngayon ko lang na-realize na sobrang nakakapagod pala mag film ng horror kasi the acting, you know you have to be scared all the time! So, yung muscles ko in most of the scenes, palagi siyang naka-tense — sobrang pagod na pagod ako. Meron kaming a couple of days na yung eksena ay yung climax na nung pelikula, so as in everytime na uuwi ako as in bagsak talaga ako kasi pagod na pagod ako from shooting all the scenes; it's really really challenging.  And keeping the energy up is the number one challenge here kasi consistency also is needed. Per shot nga si direk hindi per scene, so dito sa particular shot na to' kailangan consistent siya with the next shots since we only have one camera, so he has to keep changing everytime sa isang eksena; nakakailang set-up din si direk. Ang hirap to keep the energy up, so yun yung pinaka-challenge for me. However, it's good because it's a new experience!

Without spoiling anything, what can we expect about 'Deleter'?

Nakaka-nerbyos siya! Gusto ko yung 'Deleter' kasi meron siyang effect na...yung after mong panoorin, takot ka parin. Yun kasi yung na-feel ko sa 'It Follows', parang after ko panoorin yung movie na yon lagi akong lumilingon; tumitingin sa likod ko kung may sumusunod. Gusto ko kasi yung mga movies na ganon, yung may after effect. And merong ganon si 'Deleter.'

If you were to be a social media content moderator in real life, kakayanin mo ba?

Hindi ko kaya. Although sa movies kasi, I know that they're not real, but if it's videos na totoo, even yung mga videos palang sa Facebook na mga naaksidente hindi ko na kaya, what more yung talagang 'in-your-face' violence.

We definitely admire Nadine for her courage and dedication to take on a different route with her already successful career. Only thinking of a new era Nadine Lustre makes us even more excited for her future — and 'Deleter' is just the beginning. We're sure you've been craving to see 'Deleter' as much as we have, but don't worry because it's coming sooner than you think! Meanwhile, here's the teaser trailer to make you even more pumped.