Sam Vs The World is a show where Sam (or Samantha Page if you want to be formal about it) does random challenges we think up for her to try. You may be asking who the hell is Sam and ano ba ang pinaglalaban niya? Well, Sam spends her time hosting, modelling, and performing at events and shows. You may also recognize her from when she was a dancer for a popular game show a few years back. But most importantly, she's our very first host for one of our VMX Micro Shows. We don't exactly know why she agreed to this weird job we've given her but we're not complaining.

Though maybe it's because we lured her in with all of this free pizza?

For Sam's first challenge, we have a pizza eating contest. We had her go up against no one special really... just the guy who holds the world record for the fastest time to eat a 12-inch pizza and most burgers eaten in one minuteRix "Terabite" Francisco." Does she lose terribly? Most probably. But you'll never truly know the truth unless you watch the video!

Shot and edited by Mark Jesalva
Hosted by Samantha Page
Makeup by Thea Dionisio
With guest Rix "Terabite" Francisco