1. Visit Rizal Shrine

Paying a visit to our National Hero's reconstructed childhood home seems like a good place to start your day of nationalism. Not only will you learn a lot about Rizal's childhood but you'll also get to taste how simple life was back then without all the technology because of how simple yet elegant the house is. National artist for architecture, Juan F. Nakpil did an awesome job staying true to the original design of the house while inserting some more nationalistic vibes to it.

2. Hike to Tirad Pass

Who knew that you could actually visit the famous Tirad pass through hiking? You get to see key view points of where the Battle of Tirad Pass took place. You can tell that the Filipinos actually had a pretty good plan since the area is actually pretty well concealed enough to be called "The Battle Above The Clouds." You can even see the place where people assume to be the spot where the American sniper was hiding when he shot Goyo.

3. Get lost in Intramuros

There are SO MANY awesome places in Intramuros we wouldn't know when to start. Just try to not go during holidays or busy weekends because there will definitely be jam-packed by either couples doing their prenup shoots or college students doing history projects. Plaza de Roma is a good place to really learn more about how things were back then since it is considered to be the center of Intramuros. You can then probably choose where to go from there depending on what you want to do. There are tons of arts and crafts stores like The Manila Collectible Co. where you can buy locally made goods. 

4. Marvel at the Aguinaldo Shrine

It wouldn't be independence day without actually visiting the place where our brothers declared our independence, right? Few people realize but Aguinaldo actually pimped this place out big time. There's a park right across the river called Aguinaldo Park with a promenade and two pools (that you shoudn't probably try and swim in). There's also a garden for you to snap a quick IG pick #IndependenceDay

5. Never forget our history in Corregidor

We'd like to end with something a bit more solemn. If you've never been to Corregidor, don't miss your chance to visit the Filipino Heroes Memorial to learn more about the badass bayani's that fought for our independence from The Battle of Mactan (1521) to the First People Power (1986), which are depicted in beautiful murals carved by Manuel Casas.