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Apparently, Aria’s singing journey kicked off at the tender age of 4, a time when, as per her folks, she could already catch the melody and tune. Her mom, a choir enthusiast, stayed active during her pregnancy with Aria. So, you could say that even before Aria took her first breath, she was already grooving to the music from the inside.


As she grew up, Aria had quite the lineup of musical heroes — Aegis, Lani Misalucha, Air Supply, Sarah Geronimo and the legendary Whitney Houston. Oo, biritan ang choices ni Aria!


She’s all about exploring tunes from these iconic artists because she believes being versatile is the key. That’s why Aria’s always up for a challenge at karaoke nights, ready to take on any song request that comes her way!


Here in VMX, we always take immense pride in spotlighting Vivamax artists, but you know who beams with most pride? It’s none other than Aria’s dad!


She shared that whenever they strolled through malls and spotted those karaoke booths (you know, the ones selling those magic sing merchandise), her dad would nudge her to take the mic. Aria, a true go-getter, though sometimes a bit shy, always rose to her dad’s challenge. And when she started to sing, her father’s voice would boom from the crowd, proudly shouting, ‘ANAK KO YAN!’




Aria reminisced about the past as if it happened yesterday, which is a testament to how impactful her childhood memories were in her upbringing.

One unforgettable memory of Aria's childhood was when she and her dad were cruising through town when they spotted a singing competition happening in full swing. Her dad didn’t waste a beat; he parked that car, marched right up to the organizers, and said, ‘Hey, there’s one more contestant!’ Aria, with no rehearsed song up her sleeve, had to go with the flow and belt out whatever tune she felt confident in. And believe it or not, here’s the kicker — Aria bagged the competition! After the cheers and applause, Aria pocketed the prize money and joined her dad at their favorite halo-halo spot, celebrating her win!




But this wasn’t Aria’s first rodeo. Her journey in singing contests began in 6th grade, where she ventured into the renowned ‘Cesafi’ competition, often gracing grand theaters in Cebu. Her winning performance featured ‘Lipad na Pangarap,’ and once more, amid the cheers, she could unmistakably hear her father’s voice booming from the audience, proudly shouting, ‘ANAK KO YAN!’’


Down the road, Aria ventured into ASOP, Sing Galing, and SG Wild card, where she crossed paths and collaborated with industry veterans. These experiences are cherished memories for Aria, as they believed in her singing talent and potential.


Aria’s future looks promising. Who’s to say? Perhaps one day, we might witness Aria making her mark with Viva Records!


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A post shared by Aria Bench 🪬🧿 (@ariabnchofficial_)