The live version of ‘SATIVA’ almost sounds exactly like the recorded track; which is certainly a good thing! Hell, we’re going out on a limb here and say that we actually prefer this version over the single! We mean, it has the best of both worlds — the finessed mixing of the single and a touch of live elements that feels raw yet so powerful. 


Of course, Yen didn’t only sing her single ‘SATIVA’ but also allowed the audience to listen and enjoy her unreleased singles ‘Sick of Love Songs’ and ‘No Games.’ The audience didn’t know how lucky they were to be in that gig and we definitely wished we were there! 


To put the cherry on top, today we celebrate with excitement. Why? Because Yen announced that she’s going to be releasing her first R&B album this year! Yes, we know, exciting times ahead! 




At this point, Yen is making remarkable strides in both the music industry and Vivamax! Have you seen the trailer of her latest movie yet? Click here to watch the trailer of ‘LITSONERAS’ coming soon, exclusively on Vivamax!


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