If you were in the room with us that day, you could feel the passion and intensity in her voice, and right there and then, we knew that it was truly something special.


Fast forward to this day, ‘Sativa’ has been released and of course we had the opportunity to talk with Yen!


Apparently, Yen began singing at the age of three, often sitting in the passenger seat with her parents, both of whom were also singers! They would often spend car rides singing together, no matter which destination they were going.


So, it’s no surprise that Yen has it in her DNA to be the soulful, erotic singer that she is today. May pinag-manahan!


Growing up listening to R&B and Soul with artists such as Chris Brown, Neyo, Rihanna, Yen is starting to build her own brand as one of the country’s indie pop stars!


Good news, because ‘Sativa’ is the genesis of all the good things that are yet to come!


When we asked Yen about the inspiration behind the song, she told us a spicy bit about a guy she was seeing last year. They were both heavily infatuated with each other and that alone inspired Yen to write ‘Sativa.’


Thankfully, Yen’s friends were very supportive and  it pushed her to finally record and release ‘Sativa’ on major platforms!


Yen is like a female Chris Brown wherein the music takes you to a erotic place that is perfect for dancing, vibing and definitely a number one pick for a sex playlist!


We weren’t kidding when we told you guys that here in VMX, we get the first in everything. 


In fact, we had our jaws dropped when Yen showed us the music video of ‘Sativa.’ We won’t spoil anything, but it is extremely voluptuous!


 We can’t wait for you guys to see it, because it will definitely be the talk of the town!


One last thing, Yen has a message to her fans and listeners: She wants you guys to know that the music she writes about are things she actually experienced in real life. For Yen, genuinity is most important as a storyteller. There’s always something compelling behind the lyrics, and that is why she wants you to listen carefully!


Tap the play button below to stream ‘Sativa’ on Spotify now!