1. Honkai Impact 3

It’s amazing what kind of gameplay is available now on mobile devices. Honkai Impact 3 definitely has graphics and mechanics that are on par with some older consoles. It also has a visual novel-type storyline, which lets you really peek into the world devoured by the Honkai as you play as the commander of Valkyrie teams (robo-waifus) to combat them. It’s a pretty fun hack 'n’ slash with a satisfying and easy-to-learn dodge mechanic, which provides smooth gameplay with even smoother physics where it counts...if you know what we mean.

Gameplay: 4.5 stars

Credit card damage: 4 stars since you’ll need to pay up if you want the SSS valkyrie waifus fast

Waifu aesthetics: 4, jiggle physics on-point

2. Azur Lane

If you’re a sucker for history and shipfus then this game is for you. Azur Lane lets you play as commander to many different fleets of anthropomorphic ship girls that have personalities and storylines based off of what happened to them in WW2. It actually takes a lot of time to farm out every piece of rare equipment, but as soon as you reach a certain level it’s pretty easy to get ALL the waifus unlocked eventually. The battle system, which feels like you’re playing an Atari game, can get pretty repetitive after farming for hours on a map to get super rare drop-only ships. That’s why it’s great that you can choose to auto-farm easier levels and still have the option to manually pilot the ships on more difficult maps.

Gameplay: 3 stars

Credit card damage: 1 star, you don’t really need to spend anything unless you want those kawaii skins, which offer no in-battle bonuses

Waifu aesthetics: 4, those german nazi ships though

3. Master of Eternity Another great robo-waifu entry, but this time it’s more for weeaboos who like strategy-based games. While there is a diverse set of skills available to each character, the amount of tactical gameplay is limited by the repetitive mission objectives, which is often just kill everything. Most of your time will be spent on unlocking waifus and upgrading mechs through playing missions. That and, erm, the VR dating-simulator mode.

Gameplay: 2.5, more on resource management

Credit card damage: 3

Waifu aesthetics: 5, that VR experience

4. Girls Frontline

If waifus with raifus don’t get you to download this game, we don’t know what will. Girls Frontline is a pretty simple game wherein you command tactical dolls that are anthropomorphic anime girls who are also guns. Sound familiar?

Much like Azur Lane, the game can be played semi-auto with just a bit of turn-based gameplay. Unlike Azur Lane, Girls Frontline doesn’t allow you to manually move your girls around. Though GFL makes up for this with more emphasis on customizable combat positioning, which lets T-Dolls be more effective if they are placed in the right position. Unfortunately, it also has an annoying feature that requires you to put your girls out of commission for a set time duration in order to heal them, depending on how damaged they were, which stifles the gameplay experience.

Gameplay: 2.5, although quite fast-paced, can get pretty repetitive

Credit card damage: 3.5, skins can get pretty expensive

Waifu aesthetics: 4, damaged chibis are adorable

5. Goddess Kiss

If you still haven’t got enough robo-waifu in your life then Goddess Kiss will be sure to fill that void right up. Despite its somewhat generic battle system that revolves around just using skills whenever they’re off cooldown, Goddess Kiss makes it on this list just by the merit of its really good visuals. The effort put into the animation for the girls’ special skills really shows as each character has her personality portrayed in how she delivers her attack.

Gameplay: 2

Credit card damage: 2.5

Waifu aesthetics: 4.5