1. The Client List

The Client List is a show about a housewife trying to make ends meet for her family, so she gets a part-time job at a very successful massage parlor in her neighborhood. She learns quickly that the reason why the other girls are swimming in cash are because of the extra services that come with their massages. While we all know that this show is just an excuse to fawn over Jeniffer Love Hewitt and her superb acting skills, it’s actually a show that has a lot of tension and conflict that needs to be relieved and resolved by the characters. Plus, there’s eye candy for all genders since the actual guy clients in the show are pretty jacked themselves, no pun intended.

2. Orange is the New Black

You’ve probably had this show on your watch list for months now and we’re here to tell you to finally get on this. Not only does this show have really steamy scenes featuring really good-looking prisoners, but even without the copious amount of sensuality, we think the show is still pretty enjoyable just because of the different power dynamics and politics that are shown happening in prison. 

3. Masters of Sex

If you have a kink for a methodological approach to sex then this show is perfect for you. The story revolves around the pioneers of the science of human sexuality, Dr. William Masters and Virginia Johnson, as they try to learn more about the then-very taboo subject of sex through sexual experiments they have with patients and volunteers.

4. The Borgias

Probably one of the oddest yet raunchiest relationships featured on mainstream media, involving siblings Cesare Borgia and Lucrezia Borgia. While this his-fic show primarily revolves around the politics involving the family’s rise to power along with the Roman Catholic Church, we feel like the tension really comes from the familial interactions between the siblings. This series is easily one of the dirtiest shows you can watch on the platform in more ways than one. 

5. You Me Her

Feel like you need to spice up your sex life? Then, maybe you can learn a thing or two from You Me Her, which shows the story of a suburban married couple who tried to cheat on each other with the same woman. As you can imagine, things become a little complicated once they both find out, not to spoil anything further nor condone cheating, but we think the series' best strength is its portrayal of how exciting changing up the dynamics of a relationship can be.