Best friend

"Napanood ko rin yung Train to Busan, and Kingdom has its similarities with the movie. Iba talaga yung production value ng Korean shows. The main difference would be mas unique yung setting ng Kingdom kasi it’s set in ancient Korea. It makes you realize that there are pros and cons to having no technology, a different government system, and placing value talaga on cultural traditions." 

-Lucas, 23


"Not really the type who would follow zombie series nor Korean telenovelas. I never even watched the Walking Dead. Zombies never really appealed to me as much as other horror tropes like slasher films and hauntings. I guess what got me into watching it was the fact that it was a  Korean zombie series—usually puro K-drama kasi and US-produced zombie series. Honestly, even though it’s really fun to watch, sobrang stressful panoorin nung show—literally, isang mata lang yung nakabukas sa akin minsan." 

-Ella, 22


"Nakaka-stress naman ‘to panoorin. Hindi naman ako natakot pero nakaka-stress. Parang pinaghalong Walking Dead tsaka yung nilalaro ng anak ko… yung… ano ba yun? Ah, yung Temple Run! Tapos bitin pa yung ending. Isang taon pa maghihintay. Ayoko na! Pero maganda siya ah."

-Tito Domeng, 46

Snob movie critic

"Kingdom is so much more than a show about zombies. It’s actually a very intellectual discourse about the human condition as it touches upon the effects of poverty, hunger, and greed. Director Kim Seong-hun described his movie as “[Korea’s] calm beauty combined with Western dynamism,” and I agree—to some extent because I believe it’s still so much more than that."

-Alfred, 32

History buff

"Before the Joseon period, when the series was set, Korea was invaded by Japan . I think Kingdom does a great job at presenting the effects of war on people. A zombie infection is a great allegory for the hunger, poverty, and sickness experienced by the people of that time." 

-Kevin, 26