1. Price

We think this is one of the most important factors to consider since it's actually expensive on its own at P99. Though, once you get is as a combo, that's when you get some value. The first combo you can get at P145 is a Chaco w/ fries and a drink, which is okay considering fries value at about P38 so you're essentially getting a P12 drink! 

We did the quick maths and found that you don't save as much as you think when getting the Fully Loaded Chaco meal with 1-piece chicken, KFC spaghetti (which is so underrated), and a drink for only P219. Since KFC doesn't have a chicken with spaghetti combo (it should though), we're guesstimating the price of it as at least P124 since a 1-piece rice meal with drink costs P99 and the cream pasta costs P50, then you subtract the value of an extra rice, which costs P25. You're getting about P6, BUT the clincher is the chicken DOESN'T have gravy, which is priced at P12. KFC IS EXPOSED. That's what you get from messing with a man's gravy.

2.   Fullness

If you're taking it a la carte, it'll fill you up a lot better than a Zinger would because that chicken "shell" is actually quite heavy on the stomach, but it gets really serious once you get the fully loaded meal. That's a lot of breading and carbs you have to digest. We were starving but the meal filled us up good, maybe even a bit too much.

3. Taste

Is it really a fusion of international tastes? Will one bite make you sing like Coco? Probably not. We're not saying it doesn't taste good but it could have been better. The "shell" itself is actually a pretty solid container for the ingredients but as you can see, there aren't really many ingredients to gold. That said, it's still pretty flavorful and the sauce is actually good. Imagine a tangier KFC spaghetti sauce with more tomato bits. All in all it was just okay.

4. Final remarks and suggestions

If you really want to bring in that Mexican flavor then why the hell wouldn't you offer a spicy variant? That's an easy sell for anyone who actually likes Mexican food! Until then, we'll probably just stick to the Zinger or wait for our beloved Double Down to come back.