1. Price

P95 for an ala-carte snack isn't exactly cheap nor is it expensive. The price of the Garlic Butter Twister is, for the lack of a better term, pwede na. That said, if you're regularly getting the Maki Twister (which, is the objectively the best twister, sorry spoilers) changing it up once in a while with the GB Twister is now an option that won't affect your budgeting.

2. How filling was it

We think that GB Twister will fill you up if you're having it for merienda since the spoonful of corn kernels and KFC french fries (very underrate, IOHO) provide a surprising amount of heaviness to the snack. But if you're having this for lunch, it will probably leave you hungry by 2-3pm.

3. Taste

We won't say it tastes bad because it doesn't. If someone were to say, "Yo free Garlic Butter Twisters on me!" We wouldn't pass on that but the fact that Maki Twisters exist just makes GB Twisters taste, well, lacking. The best part about Maki Twisters is how uniquely refreshing the meal is when compared to other KFC menu items because of the addition of cucumber, which fuses perfectly with the spicy Japanese mayo.

On the other hand, the GB Twister doesn't allow for the same complimenting contrasts of refreshing and savory sensations, because all you get is one overwhelming bite of thick sweetness. Walang pambawi, kumbaga.

4. Final remarks and suggestions

Honestly, we don't want to fault KFC or the GB Twister for not being as good as something else on their menu, but we have to be practical here. It was a weird decision to transform the GB Chicken into a Twister in the first palce. We didn't get a Salted Egg Twister nor a Buffalo Twiste when their rice meals came out shat made the GB Chicken so special? We don't know.

But hey, if you enjoy KFC's GB Chicken flavor then you'll probably like the GB twisters but if KFC just wants to give us more options then why don't they just give us some Twister-exclusive flavors that were meant to compliment the taste and texture of the Twister wrap instead of a GB Twister that sogs and and destroys the bottom part of the wrap?

The Twister is such a versatile item in KFC's menu and we just want them to do it justice and give it the love and care it deserves.