1. Price

This is probably one of the cheapest Milk Teas you can get at P49 regular and at P65 large (that you don't have to mix yourself). If you want to get that milk tea fix quick and easy, then McDo branches are definitely more accessible and widely spread than other milk tea places.

2. How refreshing is it?

The milk tea is served like any other McDo float, with ice and their signature ice cream. We were impressed that the ice cream didn't all melt and mix in with the drink. Sometimes it's nice to savor the individual flavors (like how you would taste the cream cheese topping of other milk teas) before stirring it together. The amount of ice was actually less than we expected and having them melt because of the heat didn't dilute the taste of the drink at all.

3. Taste

We think deciding whether a milk tea taste good or not is actually a lot more subjective than rating other food/beverages out there. There's a lot more going on inside a cup of milk tea than other drinks since it literally mixes two drinks into one and sometimes even adds sinkers. A lot of people won't even touch McDo milk tea because it DOESN'T have pearls in it, but some people might even prefer the drink without pearls.

In our opinion, the drink itself is a bit too sweet. It doesn't have that creaminess that we were expecting since it did have the sundae on top of it (which we really like). We would prefer to it to be a bit milkier and creamier because the taste of the syrup/powder (we think it was the wintermelon) was a bit too overwhelming for our taste. 

4. Final remarks and suggestions

a) This will probably never happen but maybe a way to adjust the sugar levels? But since the powder is already mixed in, maybe we could just ask if you could just make the formula less sweet because it was just a bit too much for our blood sugar, especially when drinking the large-sized one alone.

b) If it were possible to add a bit more sundae to the float, it might help the drink become a bit creamier, which will match better with the amount of sweetness. Customers should probably be allowed to customize their drink like... add another serving of sundae! Or maybe even drip some chocolate fudge in there?

c) Add pearls. It doesn't really feel like a milk tea drink without some sinkers in them, again, you guys can have these available as add-ons! *Whispers* P5 for a tablespoon of pearls, guys. Think of the profit!