1. Adobong manok

Sweet, sour, salty, and sometimes even spicy! Pinoys are known for mixing flavors and making sure that no food goes to waste (even yesterday's inihaw na tira-tira). Vinegar is used to balance out the saltiness of the soy. You can use almost any kind of meat you want because adobo sauce is THAT amazing.

2. Paksiw na bangus

While it does take a longer time to prepare since you really want the ingredients to seep through the meat and other ingredients to really have that asim-to-the-tinik flavor!

3. Pork dinuguan

One of the hardest dishes to describe is dinuguan. Its flavor varies from how much of each ingredient you put. The real game changer is how the pig's blood mixes so well with the tanginess of the vinegar because of how the acid takes away the umay the thick sauce should have. It makes it so addicting to put on some steaming rice or some soft puto.

4. Crispy salt and vinegar potatoes

Nothing balances out the oiliness and (more often than not) saltiness  of fried food than vinegar. Potatoes serves as delicious bases for more complicated dishes. You can add cheese, beef, and other sauces to pimp out this dish to your liking. Or you can serve this as a side dish to some roasted meats.

5. Salsa

Salsa goes well with anything that's dry so you can use it to juice up some meats or as dipping for your favorite chips. Top some of this on number four's potatoes and you have a dish that goes extremely well together because of each of their slight tanginess.