1. Sinigang with Watermelon, Manam

There are a lot of ways you can enjoy sinigang. You might prefer the sweet aroma of sinigang sa bayabas or enjoy the classic taste of sinigang sa gabi but sinigang sa pakwan was honestly not in the realm of our imagination. We never knew that sinigang could be this refreshing.

2. Ketchup Mayo Ice Cream, Freezer Burn


Freezer Burn is known for their unusual dessert combinations and their Ketchup Mayo Ice Cream partnered with Salt and Pepper Fries actually makes sense. Some people just can't help dip their fries into their sundaes so why not make it easier for everyone to make an ice cream-flavored condiment?

3. Chocolate Binagoongan, 7107 Culture + Cuisine


This food hall in BGC gave the flavor sweet and salty new meaning. Sometimes we just get lost in thought 
trying to figure out what the chef was thinking to come up with this. Maybe he/she had a gallon of chocolate syrup he/she had to get rid of and started putting it on everything.

4. Malunggay Latte, Earth’s Kitchen

There are numerous coffee types originating from different parts of the world. While the ingredients of most coffee drinks usually reflects the culture of its origin, this particular hot drink was created for the purpose of living healthy (and maybe appealing to hipster health buffs). There’s nothing more fitting than to enjoy a cup of malunggay latte with your malunggay bun.

5. Crispy Pork Dinuguan Fondue, Neil's Kitchen

This dish is actually a deconstructed version of a Pinoy classic. This dish is served as dinuguan sauce for the puto and crispy pork that go with it. Having the sauce on the side gives you the freedom to put in as much as you want depending on your craving.