1. Neko Atsume

Developed by Hit-Point

Time invested: Less than five minutes per visit

Released in October 20, 2014

Available on Android and iOS

Neko Atsume is a backyard cat collecting simulator developed by the lovely people at Hit-Point. The objective of the game is simple, you decorate your background with cat toys and leave out food for the neighborhood cats. Much like real life, you don’t really need to take care of these cats much because all they need from you is a consistent source of food and entertainment. Enjoy the little attention given to you by these furry freeloaders and satisfy your daily need for fake affection from the virtual word.

2. Egg Inc.

Developed by Auxbrain Inc.
Time invested: Fifteen minutes per visit tops

Released July 24, 2016

Available on Android and iOS

Why anyone would want to create their own eggpire is beyond us but if you suddenly had an inkling to try Egg Inc. gives you a pretty good digital taste of what it's like to take care of chickens to produce eggs… lots of eggs. This standard economic simulator eventually leads you to hatching millions of eggs per minute and handling a lot of egg-related tasks along with it. You can eventually move on to different egg types that provide you with more money to upgrade your farm. How does a chicken lay an egg that contains nuclear energy you ask? We have no idea!

3. Cookie Dozer

Developed by Games Circus LLC

Time invested: A couple of minutes per visit

Released July 7, 2011

Available on Android and iOS

Cookie Dozer is inspired by classic arcade coin pusher machines that chip away at your coins without ever paying out. The big difference between Cookie Dozer and arcade machines is that you actually get a sense of achievement when you manage to push cookies down to the bottom of your digital machine because of the weirdly satisfying, ASMR-like experience falling cookies make. Just makes sure you’ve had your fill of these crisp goodies before you play or you’ll end up with a severe case of the sugar munchies.


Developed by PeopleFun
Time invested: How long it takes you to poop

Released May 12, 2017

Available on Android and iOS

This game is perfect when you want to trick yourself into believing that you’re actually believing that you’re doing something productive during your free time. In Wordscapes, you have a radial collection of letters which you can then chain together to fill in words in a crossword grid. It has a tendency of amping up in difficulty depending on the assortment of letters that you're given every level.

5. Viridi

Developed by Ice Water Games

Time invested: Ten minutes or a moment to stop and smell the weed

Released June 20, 2016

Available on Android, iOS, MAC, and WIN

Viridi is a simple succulent simulator that has you tending to little plants in your own personalized pot. The plants grow almost in real time with the different succulents only ever requiring watering around once each day. You also receive a free random sapling each week so there's hardly any reason for you to drop money on this game except if you’re impatient and can’t control your green thumb.