Ed’s note: Oh, and if you’re confused as to how you’re supposed to read this, well, you can highlight the blacked-out parts to read them OR copy-paste the entire thing on notepad or something. Have fun!

1. We found it pretty anti-climatic when they killed-off Thanos 15 minutes into the movie but luckily they brought him back. Well, it wasn’t technically him but another version of him in another timeline.

2. Oh yes, time-travel is apparently a thing in the MCU now. We’re still not sure about how we feel that they used this as a narrative device but the scenes where the characters met up with important people from their past, ie. Tony Stark meeting his dad, Howard Stark, and talking about fatherhood and Thor taking back Mjornir with him to the present timeline and meeting Frigga, his mother, on the day she died, when Asgard was supposed to be invaded. Heck, if time-travel finally allows Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter a chance to grow old together and be happy, we just can't be mad about it.

3. We're really happy with how they handled Black Widow, Natasha Romanoff's and Iron Man, Tony Stark's deaths. It was fitting that Romanoff sacrificed her life to get the soul stone instead of Hawkeye, Clint Barton because her story arc  felt complete and her death did strike quite an emotional blow to the Avengers considering the close relationships she had with most of them.

4. The only disappointing part of the film for us was that Goose the cat, from Captain Marvel wasn't in it. Though, she would've probably stolen the show tbh.

5. We're really excited that the movie gave us a glimpse of what Guardians of the Galaxy 3 might be looking like. Especially pumped up with the potential special addition of Thor to the already interesting mix of characters.

6. If you're a supporter of women empowerment (which you honestly should be), we know you loved the girl power scene with Captain Marvel as she charged into the army of Thanos' minions while being supported by the female heroes of the film. We're not sure how much Danvers needed the help though, seeing as she one-shot Thanos' battleship while making her dynamic entry into the final battle.

7. Speaking of moments that made the hair on our arms stand, that moment when Captain America stood up after his shield got smashed and the entire army of Avengers and friends emerged from the portals to fight in that all out brawl. And that soft but confident utter of "Avengers... assemble." JEEBUS. 

8. Also, the double dual-wielding! Thor with Mjolnir and Stormbreaker plus Captain America with his shield and Mjolnir. Not gonna lie that was kilig. At the very minimum, three drops of pee were expunged. 

9. Fat Thor was cute. Keep him that way.

10. It was fitting that Tony Stark's last words to the world would be "I am Iron Man" because, really, that's what started it all. It was a definite throwback to the where it all startedTony and a metal suit, but other than that, it also cemented Tony's choice to be a superhero and save people rather than putting his own self-interest and happiness above everyone else's just like what his father did in the past. It was the perfect way to end the Avengers Saga and the perfect way to cement such an amazing character like Iron Man.

11. Lastly, thank you Marvel. Thank you, Avengers. Thank you,  3000 .